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@jennlitterer...I like this concepts but it could be done better.

Don't eat a lot of fast food but I gotta admit, I do love a good stack of fries


If its one thing I can eat every day, its french fries! So not healthy, but sooo gooood!


Why French Fries Are More Than Just A Pretty Side Order

Criss-Cut Fries Topped with Chives with a Savory Creamy Dip: Beauty in Simplicity

America's Best French Fries--happy to see thrashers is on this list

America's Best French Fries

America's Best French Fries - Huffington Post Do you know where to get the best French fries? This comprehensive guide features a variety of outlets selling really mouthwatering French fries for you to enjoy.

//11:36 am// @emelyjette   ig : idfcemely

There’s food that’s good for you and there’s food that’s not so good for you; and then there is this – a list of 10 types of food you should stay as far away from as possible. I’m presenting you top 10 worst foods.