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Me parecio ver un lindo gatito

It’s funny how much kittens love shoes. It’s also funny how the shoes seem like they are a really comfortable place to hang out when you are a kitten!

NOMMMMMMM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOMMMM (sung to the tune of Phantom of the Opera)

Humor is a terrible thing to waste, always be silly, laugh often and smile always!

No run today.

Oh animals, how you amuse me so (50 Photos)

After the treadmill workout.This is what a treadmill in my house would look like (well, if I got a few more kitties)!


mini neck tattoo<< I didn't even see the tattoo at first all I saw was the cat on her head


Peek-a-boo I see you! {I used to play peek-a-boo with my cat, I'd hold a tea towel up and down in front of him. He didn't like being hidden, so would pull the towel down with his paw. So cute!