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Es todo un esfuerzo trabajar duro, pero requiere más esfuerzo todavía evitar trabajar duro

So so true. this isn't happiness™

open letter.

What to say about someone’s art when you have nothing nice to say List by my pal Wendy MacNaughton. Here’s another list of what to say to a director whose film you hated by Pedro Almodóvar, from his.


I'm not fat

Social media.

Social media.

How has social media changed your organization’s PR strategy? Comic by XKCD

Snag A Time Traveler

Lol, nope, no time traveler here.



Intelligent Life | Funny Pictures,

Intelligent Life | Funny Pictures,


Story of my life there is like a billion light switches in my house

I'm a Supernatural fan,I got this under control :P -- That's what the salt around my bed is for. Duh!

Do You Believe In Ghosts Are They Real

Funny pictures about I usually don't believe in ghosts. Oh, and cool pics about I usually don't believe in ghosts. Also, I usually don't believe in ghosts.

'TMI' he whispered, gazing into the sea.

TMI : "'TMI' he whispered, gazing into the sea.

Yup I definitely get mad more when someone asks if I'm mad lol.

Try This on Your Significant Other Sometime!

How to get someone mad at you. Bahah doing this

This is Awesome Project Naptha lets you highlight, copy, paste, edit & even translate text formerly trapped within an image.#ImageAccessibility  #WebAccessibility _ http://projectnaptha.com/?utm_content=buffer2e0c2&utm_medium=social&utm_source=http://pinterest.com?utm_content=bufferfb553&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer&utm_campaign=buffer  Sponsored By  Rick Stoneking  Sr  #DisabilityAdvocate  #InternationalTravelReviews  |http:_//bit.ly/IntlTravelReviews…

And if clicking on any word pops up a site-search for articles about that word, I will close all windows in a panic and never come back.

My people skills are fine it's my tolerance for idiots that needs help.

I Thought I Was Antisocial - Turns out I just hate idiots


PHD comic: 'Amount of food you eat out of a bowl'

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18 Useful Online Freebies

XKCD A web comic of romance, sarcasm, math and language

Winter Is Coming

Winter is Coming Logic