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Dont like to drink it but a fun shower-Sprite Beach Shower.The Sprite installed a giant shower that looks like a giant Sprite soda dispenser on beach. They are available on popular beaches in Brazil and Israel.

環保需要積極,減緩地球暖化就從現在開始! | 大人物

Global Warming Hour Glass: “We are running out of time; act now before it’s too late.

Exemplos Criativos Marketing de Guerrilha | Criatives | Blog Design, Inspirações, Tutoriais, Web Design

A great way to get people to reach for your product, design stickers that go with the door handles. That’s what Tyskie Beer did. When you reach to open the door, Tyskie makes it looks like you are actually reaching for a refreshing Tyskie beer.

This year's portfolio piece. Pedigree wants to make sure your dog's #2 is #1. (Long Haired Doxie)

For the month of March, dog walkers won’t have to worry if they forget to bring poop bags to Trinity Bellwoods Park, in Toronto, Ontario, thanks to Mars Canada Inc.’s latest PEDIGREE® bus shelter campaign.

思わず目を引く工夫を凝らしたアイデア広告その2 写真26枚 - 小太郎ぶろぐ

Many of us see Billboards on a daily basis, innovative Billboard Advertising can get your attention and is hard to miss when your outside. Creative Examples of Billboard Advertising can be a great source of

Taekwando School:

222 Awesome Advertising Ideas From Around the World

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NON TRADITIONAL AD: Guerrilla Marketing. The kissing point is very French romantic style. I wish I know what the whole campaign idea is. If it says the same thing as the big idea says, this guerrilla is a cool idea.