Make this quick and easy bag with this messenger bag tutorial and pattern. Great for kids or as a small hand bag.

Mini Messenger Bag Tutorial

Messenger Bag tutorial - large bag 15" x 10" x 3" and smaller bag 9" x 10" x 3"

Sewing Tutorial: Messenger Bag, Bag Lady Week project from "ocd: obsessive crafting disorder"

Laptop Bag Tutorial

Laptop Bag tutorial from Rebecca at Our Busy Little Bunch, via Bear Creek Quilting Company

32-minute messenger bag tutorial

The 32-minute messenger bag tutorial

Full tutorial on making this messenger bag and measurements to make a smaller, kid-sized bag. Good for an older baby diaper bag, maybe?

Free Bag Pattern and Tutorial - Messenger Bag

Messenger Bag - Free Sewing Tutorial

This messenger bag tutorial and pattern features step by step instructions to sew your own messenger bag. Easy tutorial with a free messenger bag pattern.

I LOVE this bag. LOVE might not be strong enough actually. This is an amazing step by step tutorial to make your own scavenger messenger bag for your kiddo or yourself. The fabric used in this tutorial is beyond adorable. I found it at super buzzy and comes in a complete panel.

Her little guy seems to love his :) such a neat idea for the little people in the house~~~~ sew grown: Scavenger Bag Tutorial