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Mlle tunisia 2010

miss tunisia 2010

Miss Russie 2009-2010 http://www.ninimomo.com/ipc09russia1.jpg

Miss Russia 2009

Imagen de http://www.ninimomo.com/ipc09tahiti1.jpg.

OOAK barbie pageant dolls by NiniMomo Creations

Ninimomo's Barbie. Россия. 2009/2010

Miss Kabardino-Balkaria (dress Georges Shakra)

miss mozambique 2009

miss mozambique 2009


OOAK barbie pageant dolls by NiniMomo Creations


Miss Lebanon Barbie Doll 2007

Miss Yémen 2007-2008 http://www.ninimomo.com/ipc08yemena1.jpg

Miss Yemen Barbie Doll 2007

Ninimomo's Barbie - Google Search

Miss Marshall Islands 2009

Barbie Guatamala

Barbie Miss Guatemala Ninimomo


Hair Steamers for Natural Hair - The Secret Is Out!

๑Miss Long Island 2007/2008

Miss Long Island Barbie Doll 2007

Шитье - мое хобби - рукоделие, выкройки

Шитье - мое хобби - рукоделие, выкройки

Miss Îles Turks-et- Caïcos 2009-2010 http://www.ninimomo.com/ipc09t&c1.jpg

The Caribbean Barbie

Miss Jordan 2011

pageant doll, Miss Jordan 2011

Ninimomo's Barbie. Америка (Северная, Центральная, Южная). 2009/2010 » BestDress - cайт о платьях!

Barbie Miss El Salvador Ninimomo