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La espada negra (1976) - FilmAffinity

La espada negra (1976) - FilmAffinity

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As far as pets go, it is the African pygmy hedgehog that is the most popular. These hedgehogs have a lifespan of around...

Facts About Hedgehog Pet

of all shark attacks are actually hedgehogs pretending to be sharks. -- so cute hedgie sharks

In the midst of the season’s craziness, our furry family members tend to get ignored or over-stimulated.

Best Ways To Spend The Holidays With Your Cat

These are some cute cat pictures of felines in a festive mood.

Cute Animal Photos: List of Ranker's Daily Dose of Cuteness Pics

Daily Dose Of Cuteness

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Adorable resident of the forest takes in all the sights & sounds of the Season ~by Oleg Vanilar via

isn't there supposed to be an umbrella in my coconut drink.....

Pictured: The weightlifting squirrel who is certainly not coconut shy

put the lime in the coconut & drink it all up.

Kittens watching "The Two Talking Cats"

Kittens watching "The Two Talking Cats"

Three Kittens Talking to Cats on the Computer. Aww the one kitty kept picking on the other little kitten sibling. He's all dude I'm trying to watch this do you mind? Their little tiny meows were adorable.