Who you gonna call...I ain't afraid of no ghost!

Ghostbusters Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters are still to this day one of the most famous movies to date. Every child growing up wanted to be a ghost buster!

Ghostbusters Theatrical release poster //  Directed by	Ivan Reitman  Produced by	Ivan Reitman  Written by	Dan Aykroyd  Harold Ramis  Starring	Bill Murray  Dan Aykroyd  Sigourney Weaver  Harold Ramis  Rick Moranis  Music by	Elmer Bernstein  Cinematography	László Kovács  Editing by	David E. Blewitt  Sheldon Kahn  Studio	Black Rhino  Delphi Productions  Distributed by	Columbia Pictures  Release date(s)	  June 7, 1984 (Westwood, California)  June 8, 1984  Running time	105 minutes

Ghostbusters : starring Bill Murray Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Harold Ramis and Rick Moranis

Le BlogoRoro

17 affiches de film fantastique façon minimaliste (+ Bonus The Avengers) - Le BlogoRoro

Slimed  13 x 19 limited edition print by JasonEdmiston on Etsy

Slimed: Ghostbusters Art by Jason Edmiston - Peter Venkman, Bill Murray, Slimer

GhostBusters Quote Poster

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Ghost Busters Quote Poster for fans of Ghostbusters images.

Back to the Future II - Fan made poster

Back to the Future II poster. By Phantom City Creative. Released by Mondo Gallery.

Stand By Me Gang. This makes me smile, big time :)

Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, Jerry O’Connell & Corey Feldman - Stand by Me,

Ghostbusters Tech Poster Set By Christian Petersen; Always wanted a real-life Proton Pack and Ghost Trap

Ghost Trap Ghostbusters Tech

Ghostbusters - Ghost Trap by Christian Petersen. This speaks to my geek.