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Pearsonlloyd - A&E

A redesigned accident and emergency hospital department by London studio PearsonLloyd has been found to reduce aggression and violence by 50 percent.

Estonia re-engineers society and government for the digital age. General elections are held online; tax collection is near-frictionless. Key elements in the transformation are a “simple, unique ID methodology” across all systems, and universal acceptance of secure digital signatures.

Lessons from the World's Most Tech-Savvy Government

for in practice: Estonia, a startup country by mindset ( Tamkivi).

A Better A&E by PearsonLloyd

PearsonLloyd hospital redesign "reduces violence by 50 percent"

Creative Review - The office is dead, declares property campaign by Music | Interesting look at the future of the work place and how increasingly we are moving away from the "traditional office"

The office is dead, declares property campaign by Music

Household  - Wine Rack

Should you appreciate option trading you will really like this cool website!

Household - Halfords

Halfords, An experience geared up for customers’ life journeys - Household

music - the office is dead

Music has designed The Office is Dead identity and campaign for property developer Property Alliance Group.

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Printing prototypes, promotional materials, and artistic pieces just got more affordable

divisiones en oficinas. Inside Meltwater’s San Francisco Offices:

Office Tour: Inside Meltwater’s San Francisco Offices