“ – Melinda Moses ” a friend of mine drew this amazing art nouveau of Meg from Hercules! this is what she had to say about it: “This is based on the Disney Princess Art Nouveau pieces by Enrique Pita.

Alice madness returns

Wooden box commission with symbols from a game "Alice Madness Returns" media: 14 x 8 cm wooden box, Snowman drawing pen, Micron pigment pen, black marker, gloss paint Other boxes: Cennik szkatu&

Super cute rapunzel

Alice in Wonderland (not just Disney’s version) is my favorite fairytale of all time! I couldn’t wait to add her to this modern collection. Alice, along with Peter Pan, I pictured to be.

All aboard!

To commemorate Hayao Miyazaki& final film, The Wind Rises, here& a compilation of great mostly fan-made Studio Ghibli treasures. From Totoro to Spirited Away, these would make any Ghibli enthusiast& day.

PIXIV: Anime, manga, and video game fan-art artworks from a Japanese online community for artists

Imagen anime con original niya tidsean long hair single tall image fringe green eyes pink hair yellow eyes looking away standing hair between eyes pleated skirt sunlight cherry blossoms spring girl skirt uniform