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Calming chant, Boy, I need this one sometimes*

(*brzmi jak modlitwa do Celestii*) Calming spell chant - best use is at night. burn lavender candle - hold an amethyst - use vanilla scented oils - and chant it in the moon light.

Divine mother

Assistance Chant Had a friend who always did "Tony, Tony turn around, something lost can't be found" . Worked, lost his to be wifes wedding ring, and guess what.found it after this call for divine help!

witchcraftings:Information from Patty Greenall & Cat Javor (Libra) and Clare Gibson (The Ultimate Birthday Book)

witchcraftings:Information from Patty Greenall & Cat Javor (Libra) and Clare Gibson (The Ultimate Birthday Book)


"I fill this room (or space) with light and love. All negative energies or entities must leave this space and not return. Only positive energies to our highest good may enter this space.

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FYI i am not into wicca or the occult at all!! i like astrology that's it. coming from a background which used to worship nature celtic, druid, may give this impression and it is also why i really respect first nations culture, just saying lol xo

You can customize the ingredients to suit your purpose, just research the herbs & stones you need. How to Protection Sachet. You should also charge the sachet, holding it between yourhands and charging it with your intent and purpose.

DIY Herbal Home Smudge Stick i need to do this for the new home so i can clear out negative energy

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