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The rays of a slipping sun across the open landscape of special places, and cloud banks of coming storms. Reflected in cool mountain spring.

crashing waves.

This whole picture is amazing! I absolutely love the sky. The shapes of all of the clouds and also the fact that the sun is casting a warm glow over everything!


Pink and Blue - the perfect sky and still water for a pastel inspiration

Intense ray of sunlight hitting a high level cloud ~ creating a huge flare in the ocean over Diamond Head lookout in Hawaii.  by Cameron Brooks

Amazing high pressure cloud lit from the sun, and glowing down on the ocean! Photo cred Cameron Brooks //So very pretty EL//

Sunrise in Sonoran Desert, Arizona | Amazing Pictures - Amazing Pictures, Images, Photography from Travels All Aronud the World

Sonoran Sunrise: A beautiful sunrise over the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. by Saija Lehtonen