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Justice League by John Byrne

The Justice League of America (Satellite Era) - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson) screenshots, images and pictures - Comic Vine

The Justice Society of America was founded in 1940 after several super-heroes…

The Justice Society

Convergence: Justice Society of America “Society” - Tom Derenick, Ink - Trevor Scott Color - Monica Kubina

Hello Dc Fans, as you know`Dc Comics is now over 75 years old and to celebrate we have gathered the Best of the DC Archives from the Golden age of DC Comics re-live the glory days of DC Comic heroes like Hawkman, Sandman, Starman, The JSA and more. Check out  our Golden Age of DC Comics section at More Than Just Comics at http://tomatovisiontv.wix.com/tomatovision2#!comics/cfvg

Justice Society of America - Hourman! The Flash! The Sandman! The Spectre! The Hawkman! The Atom!

Justice Society of America

The Society in Convergence: Justice Society of America “One Last Time” - Tom Derenick,Inks - Trevor Scott Color - Monica Kubina

Freedom Fighters (Team) - Comic Vine

Writer Simon Oliver gives Plastic Man a more "emotional connection" and a team of Freedom Fighters in March's CONVERGENCE miniseries.