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- Nuevo Hospital Psiquiátrico de Slagelse,    Dinamarca

- Nuevo Hospital Psiquiátrico de Slagelse, Dinamarca

A Crash Course in Roof Venting - Fine Homebuilding Article

Simple graphic that displays roof ventilation. Air flows up through the soffit, over the baffles and out the ridge vent.

Simpson DIY Nightstand Plans - Rogue Engineer 2

Simpson DIY Nightstand Plans

These free and easy DIY nightstand plans show you exactly how to build a nightstand with a drawer and slide out tabletop extension.

Town House in Antwerp | Gessato Blog

Town House in Antwerp

A pair of glass panels, weighing almost four tonnes and spanning two storeys in height, pivot out towards the garden of this renovated Antwerp home. The twin panels – described by Belgian studio Sculp IT as "the world's largest pivoting window" – form.

diagram of the passive cooling system from an article on www.mothereearthnews.com.

link didn't take me to this, so this is more like a marker to look this up later. Natural stack ventilation a. solar chimney - all function on Bernoulli's Principle

Create high quality, professional and Realistic 2D colour floor plans from our specifically produced range of custom floor plan images, 2d floor plan symbols, architectural symbols, top down views, overheads views and textures.

Create quality, professional & Realistic colour floor plans from our range of floor plan images, top down views, overheads & Textures.