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Pull out cabinets. Uses wasted space and saves having to search to the back of a cluttered and dark pantry :)

Pull out pantry

Black and white kitchens look very modern and undoubtedly they are the most trendy ones, but sometimes they are too cold and sober.

Lazy susans for an organized pantry - hm, wonder if we could do this in ours. There has got to be a better way to use the space than the current layout.

I love the lazy susan idea in the deep corner. There is so much space not used there. The Great Pantry Makeover - Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY Projects

huh...a "pullout pantry." I want a walk-in, but I can see myself making due with something like this if I had limited space and being pretty happy with it. Would need a bunch of pull-outs, just like they have here.

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No pantry space? Turn an old tv armoire into a pantry cupboard. From armoire to Voil.