Hunger Games Fashion Book Proposal As a fan of The Hunger Games , I would love to see a book about fashion. I can only guess they are wai.

The Girl Who Was On Fire: The Most Amazing Hunger Games Fan Art

The Girl Who Was On Fire: The Most Amazing Hunger Games Fan Art

They are both fire mutts now. The only sensation a fire mutt knows is agony, they know how Prim felt when the fire mutt she was becoming caught flame to all of her ~Alivia D:

Katniss and Joanna

Johanna Mason and Katniss at the Quarter Quell tributes interview "Make him pay for it, OK?

Katniss Everdeen: Radiant as the Sun by *fictograph on deviantART

Series of drawings featuring Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games trilogy by young adult author, Suzanne Collins.

Girl on fire - Song of the rebellion by

I lately started reading - and getting obsessed with- the Hunger Games series. Girl on fire - Song of the rebellion

Hunger games

Katniss, girl on fire I love how people make there own pictures of katniss instead of only drawing the movie<<< It's called fan art, kid.

One of my favorite lines that Haymitch says. Haha. OMG THIS SCENE WAS PERFECT!!!!! THIS IS WHY THEY ARE THE MOST PERFECT CAST ON THE PLANET!!!

Did anyone know I was gonna do haymitch? He is funny, yes, but also he was the best possible mentor EVER. He was smart, and he knew how everything was to be.

One of my favorite quotes from the series.

"You could live a thousand lifetimes, and still not deserve him." katniss was pretty cold in the books but sometimes we get things we don't deserve

haha ! hunger games cast. Maybe they're fighting over Cato...

Please explain what they did to the people on the THG set<<<< Clove is getting Cato back by getting rid of Glimmer while he sleeps