adyphenix is name of two talanted russian beadwork artists mother and daughter Irina and Anastasia Stepanko. They make amazing jewelry in bead embroidery

Gallery.ru / Фото #25 - Мой мир -- моя работа - natalyauhryn

My World, My Job - by Natalia Uhryniv (Nataly Uhryn) these pieces look so beautifully Native American

Oromo Beaded necklace: Height 62 cm - 24.4 inch.  Maasai Beaded Earlobe Earring flap: Height 16 cm - 6.3 inch. Width 5,5 cm - 2.17 inch. Maa...

Traditional jewelry Maasai, Kenya and Oromo, Ethiopia. "Beadwork became increasingly popular after 1900 when the Maasai began trading with . LOVE the fringe

ethnic necklace... Inspiration

Brass and Silver pendant with Cavandoli knotted Nylon cord. Wrapped nylon and bead collar approx. By Joan Babcock,