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Moebius - aka Jean Giraud

moebius (ilustraciones hd byn)

Jean Giraud aka Moebius aka the greatest comic artist of all time died this morning. Even if you're not a comic book fan you're probably aw.

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'Moebius' (b. 1938 - d. France) 'Jean Henri Gaston Giraud' was a French Artist, Cartoonist, Illustrator and Writer.

Jean Giraud aka Moebius

Here is the part two of my tribute to Jean "Moebius" Giraud, exceptional visionary comic book artist, who did a big part of the design of .

Moebius is one-of-a-kind, a master that influenced some many artists that we cover on our site, and when we see works of his, we always feel compelled...

Once again appreciating... Moebius

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French artists, cartoonist, comic art, writer and concept artist Moebius (aka Jean Giraud)