Campoamor, Vista Oeste. Cuba 1998-2002. Photo: Andrew Moore

Duane Kaschak ID, Contemporary Dining Room, Andrew Moore Havana Series

Andrew Moore Photographs of Abandoned Interiors

Andrew Moore, Campoamor, Vista Este, from the series Cuba, Yancey Richardson Gallery

Detroit abandoned theatre

Andrew Moore, Palace Theater, Gary Indiana, from the series Detroit, Yancey Richardson Gallery

An example of the factory interior, in particular the iron staircases that link between floors. The factory is cleaner than this, of course, and naturally all the windows would need boarding!

From houses and estates to factories, mines, military buildings and prisons here are the explorations of twenty buildings by one daring European urban explorer.

Beautiful ramshackle Habana Vieja

Beautiful ramshackle Habana Vieja

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A Beautiful Decay

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Andrew Moore Fine Art Photography Of New York (1985-2005)

Fulton and Front Streets, NY, photo by Andrew Moore (all rights reserved) via RustWire

Andrew Moore, Hang Khoai, Hanoi, 2007

vietnam - hang khoai hanoi by andrew moore

Andrew Moore | Montages | Havemeyer House

Montages by Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore, ‘Club Cartagena’

Available for sale from Jackson Fine Art, Andrew Moore, Club Cartagena, Archival Pigment Print, 70 × 90 in

Andrew Moore

Montage by Michael Moore photography

Andrew Moore, Cuba


Reinventing Cuba - Photographs from an island on the brink.

New York based photographer Andrew Moore is best known for capturing the eerie, yet captivating, feel of decaying and abandoned buildings

A Beautiful Decay

New York based photographer Andrew Moore is best known for capturing the eerie, yet captivating, feel of decaying and abandoned buildings

Andrew Moore | Montages | Details of a Stair

Montages by Andrew Moore

Teatro Reguero, Morón, 2012    The Reguero Theater in Morón, built in 1922, lost its roof in a cyclone 11 years later and was used as a boxing arena and a cabaret before becoming a theater again in 2004. Moore originally set out to chronicle the theaters in Cuba but changed his focus to tell Cuba’s complicated story.

Reinventing Cuba

Reguero Theater, Moron, Cuba, being restored by volunteers, members of local theater company