Grizzly Bear Cub Being sheltered by Mom From the Rain.

earthandanimals: “  Some rainy days by aranka delina janné  ”

Brown Bear Mom With Her Cub: "Some Rainy Days. (Photo By: aranka delina janné on

Oh Hey there!

For the Fun of It ~ This *Bear Believes It is better to Lasso that Sucker. This Grizzly makes a Plea! Please, Forget The Right to *Bear Arms, The Second Amendment, altogether! ~ It could make the *Bear Population, Extinct !

Photograph What is Down There? by Rob Janné on 500px

drxgonfly: What’s Down There (by Rob Janné) - Some people feel the rain.

(via 500px / Brown Bear Yoga by Denis Roschlau)

Brown Bear Yoga, a young Brown Bear seen stretching in the woods, by Denis Roschlau.

A day at the beach with Mom. Nikolai Zinoviev,  a wildlife photographer based in Russia   #bear

Adorable Bear Photography from Russia

Beautiful Bear Photography - Nikolai Zinoviev is a Russian wildlife photographer. He has made some stunning and adorable pictures of wild bears.

Niedźwiedź brunatny– gatunek drapieżnego ssaka z rodziny niedźwiedziowatych. Zamieszkuje Azję, Europę Północną i Amerykę Północną.Sierść niedźwiedzia brunatnego ma barwę ciemnobrązową, choć niektóre jego podgatunki mogą mieć futro jaśniejsze. W pozycji wyprostowanej Ursus arctos mierzy – w zależności od płci – od 1,8 m do 3 m. Masa ciała poszczególnych osobników waha się między 200 a 780 kg.

Grizzly bear, brown bear, very big, scary bear.

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Grizzly Bear with a wildflower

Climbing Lessons!

Climbing Lessons!

Grizzlys are a subspecies of the Brown Bear and generally found in North America. Description from monstermaneaters.tumblr.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

A Grizzly Mother And Her Cub Lounge Art Print by Michael S. All prints are professionally printed, packaged, and shipped within 3 - 4 business days.

Some bears are not albino, they have a recessive "blond" gene. Much like Labrador retrievers can come in black or blond.

Golden bear cub with brown bear. Is it genetic that they get these different colors?


Delicious Time Photo by Marina Cano - Mama bear and cubs

mountainvagabond - via: yourstrulyfranca - source: heyfiki

Aaaw The 3 Little Bears!

Two little brown bears walking in the forest

bear walk I love grisley bears.

Ours noir

Ours noir

Brown Bears... <3

Mama bear with her twin cubs