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Harleen Quinzel

Harley Quinn, Love is like poker.there is no Joker [Batman] :(:

I want this more than anything in the world on both sides. I want someone like this for me to follow and I want to be this person for others to follow. #dreambig

This is so true. Your like the greatest addiction. I never imagined being addicted to anything but I love being addicted to you. Your my soul mind my heart.

Harley Quinn Sketch

izzydoodledump: “ Here is the video that goes with the drawing: herochan: “ Harley Quinn Sketch Created by Isaiah Stephens ” ”

Maná - Vivir sin aire (video) Perhaps one of my very faves...top 10.

© 2008 WMG Vivir sin aire (video) Mexican Rock Group Mana also is proudly from Guadalajara, Jal.

I don't need fair weather friends!!

Stay real, stay loyal or stay away from me. life quotes quotes friendship friend friendship quote friend quote fake people true friend real friend quotes about fake people