Porque ser feliz é o que interessa!

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Northern Saw Whet Owl

And beautiful. Northern Saw Whet Owl photographed by Lise De Serres. by carolyn

Monocle Owl! MONOCLE OWL!!!

Owl in a monocle top hat. jennyberger Owl in a monocle top hat. Owl in a monocle top hat.

Milky Eagle Owl... interesting looking animal

Verreaux's Eagle Owl aka Milky Eagle Owl or Giant Eagle Owl. Distinguished by a whitish oval disk face with a black border and pink eyelids. Found in Saharan Africa.

https://flic.kr/p/758X5q | Tawny owl, Barn Owl Centre Gloucester

the spirit of owl - totem - - beyond illusion - the true reality - the exploration of the unknown and unchartered and the ability to see magic in life. Tawny owl, Barn Owl Centre Gloucester, by Greg Morgan

Owls having a hoot

Some happy owls to put a smile on your face. Mestel Pumphrey Happy Owls and Grumpy Cats.

Vitamin-Ha – Animal Memes that crack me up

I think the owl's eyes are funny. I hate coffee, but the little owl dude is just so cute.

A mother owl and her chicks.  How many are there?!

Pygmy`s Owls nestlings by Matti Suopajärvi "This year pygmy owls seem to nest quite early. Here 8 full-grown nestlings under mother`s guiding wings and warming belly.

animal, bird, cute, funny, owl, photography -  picture on Favim.com

doesn't get much more hipster than an owl in thick rimmed glasses. SO CUTE THOUGH!