Who made Victoria Beckham’s tan trench coat, black shoes, black purse and gold watch that she wore in Milan, January Watch – Rolex Jacket – Burberry Purse – Dolce & Gabbana Shoes – Alaia

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My latest style icon is the gorgeous Victoria Beckham whose sleek and polished style has come a long way from her days as Posh in the Spice Girls.

The perfect LBD

Victoria Beckham - I need her closet!

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Victoria Beckham "Whether you've got to spend in Top Shop or to spend at Gucci, looking good isn't about money, it's about style .

Tällä tummanpuhuvalla syystyylillä ei voi mennä pieleen. Victoria Beckham teki sen taas!

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Victoria Beckham carries an oversize satchel // May cause "Poshitis" // #handbags

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Victoria Beckham Beckham’s penchant for carrying very oversized satchels not only helped her craft her image—it also spawned a widespread health problem dubbed.

casual fridays just got serious rock on Vee! Ton sur ton and contrasting textures make an interesting outfit for casual Friday Victoria Beckham

O estilo da Victoria Beckham evoluiu. Há tempos, é considerada um ícone da moda. Hoje, o que mais deve ter no closet dela são peças chiques e minimalistas.

O Estilo da Victoria Beckham

Record numbers of women have gone under the knife for breast reductions. Is Victoria Beckham one of them?

VICTORIA BECKHAM   photo | Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham in a black top and zipped "red" leather pants, adding patent bowed heels to complete the look