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♡♡♡ Anubis & Felix♡♡♡Hug your black cats. I have two little black ones they are so beautiful!

I have a black cat that I adore, named Scamper. I'm living in a rooming house right now that doesn't allow pets, so she's living with my mom. However, I may be getting her to come live with me soon under disability law. I'm very excited!

Is it mealtime yet?

Is it mealtime yet?

Seventeen Reasons To Own A Black Cat. READ AND ADOPT IMMEDIATELY!!!

Seventeen Reasons To Own A Black Cat. I just got a Bombay kitten, and he is the sweetest thing ^_^

Every Girl Should Have A Little Black Cat - Adopt One Today!

Our latest post promoting black cat adoption includes a fashionable, shareable poster proclaiming that every girl should have a little black cat.

2 Cats 1 Bed

2 Cats 1 Bed

Adorable brother kittens, now cats, who always sleep together Just like my robben and tobi


Adopt a black cat! I heard they were the least adopted cats there without homes were black :/ just like the pitts