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That looks like me when I was little. ☺️

5 things about nurses we’re loving on Pinterest this week

The Returning Hero - A Red Cross Nurse-Maud Humphrey Bogart (1868 – 1940, American)

Maud Humphrey Bogart (1868 – 1940, American)

Free Vintage "Army Nurse With Doctor" Paper Dolls With 5 Dolls (2 Males and 3 Females) and 8 Pages of Clothing

Army Nurse and Doctor 1943 Merrill m - Bobe - Picasa Web Albums

Nurse On my dear nurses

Someday :) :) Great thing to remember on those days where you're running around for 12 hours wondering why you thought becoming a nurse was such a great idea!

Truth!  Nurse humor.

Hahahaha Michelle remember the one time I said this when I was a med student working the night shift at Lankenau L&D? The other nurses shot me daggers with their eyes! Now I'm a total freak about tips food health naturally


Top 10 ways to spot a student nurse.this was so me when I was in nursing school!

What to Do When You Hit a Rough Patch in Nursing School

Could be applied to our surg tech students too- What to Do When You Hit a Rough Patch in Nursing School

nurse week 2013 | For Banker & All The Other Nurses::

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There have been SO MANY funny ones this week that make me bust a gut laughing.but in all seriousness, Happy Nurses Week to all the strong, hard working, and compassionate nurses I know!

nursing school - so true (already)!

Tad Stressed Student Nurse Postcards (Package of 8

You'll love this fun nursing diagnosis of "just a tad stressed related to being a nursing student" on this unique item from StudioGumbo! Perfect gift for the student nurse in your life!