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African artist Enam Bosokah paints solely with a ball point pen, creating stunning pieces.

Ghana-based artist Enam Bosokah captures incredible likenesses using only a blue ballpoint pen. The stunningly-realistic portrait drawings depict world leaders, writers, as well as children and couples.

Ballpoint pen -penna biro- 40x50cm on paper www.facebook.com/felloni

Matteo Felloni Artista - Penna biro -ballpoint pen- on paper about 30 hours — with Tommaso Bonino

Gabriel Moreno

Gabriel Moreno - Conitning the theme of overlapping, layering and double-exposure. How can you use a limited colour-palette to focus the viewers attention?

Michael Reedy - Paint » laboratorio creativo✖️No Pin Limits✖️More Pins Like This One At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest✖️

Michael Reedy - this piece focuses on exposing the human body and perhaps enabiling the viewer to see the complexity and beauty of it. The beige silhouette shows us that the subject is a woman and the colours used suggest calmness and tranquility.

25 Photorealistic Pictures Drawn with a BIC Pen | Bored Panda

25 Photorealistic Pictures Drawn with a BIC Pen

Spanish artist Juan Francisco Casas, who’s probably 33 at the time of writing this, uses up to four ballpoint pens to create his stunningly photorealistic drawings, measuring up to meters) high.