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Rose Quartz by Nicktoons4ever on DeviantArt

My first time drawing Rose Quartz from Steven Universe Steven Universe (c) Rebecca Sugar Art (c) Mine Rose Quartz

Rose's Roses by miimimiu on DeviantArt

I've been meaning to upload this for a while but I keep forgetting hahah~ Rose Quaarttttttztztzztz from steven universe!

1920s Pearl

I am a Sentient Textbook - kathudsonart: I might do more fusions… thinking.



Pearl and lil Steven by AUTHOR45 on DeviantArt

Randomly passing through some of my SU fanarts made during Just uploading my waifu Pearl Pearl and lil Steven

baby steven + amethyst | Steven Universe | Know Your Meme

baby steven + amethyst

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Two Garnets by theluckyangel on DeviantArt

Jewelpet and Steven universe both have gem-based beings, so I wanted to draw the Gems with their Jewelpet counterparts! Here's Garnet and Garnet Two Garnets