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That wouldn't be an accident.

Okay you know what, who wants to quit school and start a band with me? Because that sounds great right now.~Lan I already quit school and I'm 15 and I already have a band thank you very much.

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Good half of my brain: see thats litterally it Bad half: okay thanks i still wont do it tho and you know it

......now there is a SMART AND CLEVER kid.........I wonder if he got extra credit for that???!!!

Funny pictures about A really smart kid. Oh, and cool pics about A really smart kid. Also, A really smart kid.

This ^

A moment of silence for all the people we drew halfway down the page to avoid drawing feet <<I never have to do the eye thing but there are days where I just can't draw hands and feet

Too soon

Beethoven being deaf jokes are probably my favorite thing.Probably shouldn't laugh.

Welcome to tumblr. We're not crazy I swear..... just a little bit

I kind of want to say it's a valid question, but then I read the answer and I have to shrug and say, "point.