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Container House - Shipping Container House Plan Book Series – Book 50 - Who Else Wants Simple Step-By-Step Plans To Design And Build A Container Home From Scratch?

Shipping Container Home Plans - Plans, Projects, Design Software all about building your own House out of ISBU Shipping Containers

Metamorfosis 1, Casa Tunquén

Metamorfosis 1, Casa en Tunquén

Amazing Beach House Design with Wooden Exterior by Jose Ulloa Davet and Delphine Ding

Casa Cuarto, Tunquen, Chile: Foster Bernal Architects

The Casa Cuatro sits above a cliff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. The locally quarried stone makes the house blend in with the landscape and acts as a thermal-mass wall, absorbing heat during the day and releasing it through the evening.

New projecting bay to barn conversion in Wiltshire. By Roderick James Architects

New projecting bay to barn conversion in Wiltshire, UK by Roderick James Architects

cabaña bosque terraza - Buscar con Google

cabaña bosque terraza - Buscar con Google

1 Una cocina con ventanales que casi te da la sensación de estar en el exterior Link   2 Un puente acristalado Link     3 Una ‘casita en la piscina’ con catarata incorporada   4 Una chimenea en la piscina   5 Una isleta para la piscina   6 Una zona de lectura que sobresale de la casa con grandes ventanales   7 Una cabina en el exterior   8 Puertas giratorias de cristal para salir al jardín   9 Una ‘cueva para el vino’   10 Una apertura con estilo ‘bar de playa’ Link   11 Una

Sustainability is a concept that we are seeing regularly in new architecture. It is not a gimmick or ploy to get buyers to spend more money. It is a project to create healthy living environm.


Assemblage Studio built this family 2 storey-house in Las Vegas, in the middle of the Nevada Desert. The Tresarca Residence mixes the matters, the grey and the