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Yea, for real...

I wish people could just say how they feel like."hey I'm in love with you".without sounding desperate. Why can't people be painfully honest and just save people the trouble

When a woman no longer gets frustrated and upset with you, you can almost guarantee that she doesn't care anymore.

When a woman no longer gets frustrated and upset with you, you can almost guarantee that she doesn't care anymore. The best collection of quotes and sayings for every situation in life.

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"Don't tell me what they said about me, tell me why they were comfortable saying it to you." -Jay Z

Who is right or wrong is only a question of perspective. Anger, or grudges have nothing to do with that question.

I'd write this to say "I just want to tell you, at some point it doesn't matter who was right and who was wrong because the anger has become a poison, incurable. At that point, neither side can stop fighting because the anger has consumed them.

Everyone in my entire life has lied to me. Specially the ones that mean the most and I am supposed to bend over and take it over and over again and still kiss their butt. Not this girl nit anymore.  I am tired of making people happy only to be lied to. Bad part is my entire family is liars, and won't pretend anymore. You hate me fine, your choice one day I will be dead and gone so try fixing that when I am gone.

While I may not like the truth, it's always better than a lie. I don't need to lie and wish others felt the same way. Lies hurt more than any truth ever could. Even if they're little white lies.

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Very true."in the end affection is always greater than perfection.Nobody is perfect and nobody is correct.so never leave a true relationship for a few faults.

Exactly! It's like as soon as the Sadie Hawkins dance came around women went off the deep end with it!!!

I concur :) Let him ask; text, call ~ if he can't do that; he'll have a hard time asking for things of value all your life.

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Truth is, sometimes I choose me instead of you. But I am committed to you and will continue to choose you more than I choose me.

and you even admit to knowing  that you were doing it ......

You are the first person who broke my heart. For the rest of my life, you will always be the one who hurt me the most. Don't forget that.