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The constant balancing and gentle paddling strengthen the trunk and core muscles while working on the small muscles of the feet and the neuro-sensory or proprioceptive feedback system improves balance more than any other activity. Indoor balancing activities by standing on one leg on a pillow or small balance trampoline can work too but aren't as much fun. Balance training diminishes falling episodes. And falls kill. Huffington Post July 1st, 2015 Kevin R. Stone, M.D.

One of the fathers of SUP. 91 years old. Never too old for Stand UP. 2 Stand Up Guys Paddle Board Lessons & Sales 1701 Tamarack Ave Carlsbad, Ca 92008

C'Mon Puff Puff Pass... From RedEyesOnline.net

hahahaha I say this constantly I hang out with too many boys that like to fucking hold the joint while they tell you a story."forgetting" to pass. Pshh Lets see Angie get pissy faced in

Tumblr Disney Princesses as Mermaids | lady gaga disney weed smoke high ariel stoned Little Mermaid. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

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best boyfriend ever?

I'm not advocating this but it made me laugh so unexpectedly that i bit my tongue so i kind of had to share.

There isn't a paper you can't write the night before. In fact the only quality papers that I do happen the night before

Trying to pay for college like I have $3 | patrick star three dollars

patrick star three dollars - Trying to pay for co…

Remember you look like your ancestors

Morgan Freeman misquote - a milestone statement for African Americans?