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Christ in conversation with the Canaanite woman ... a modern icon

En kanaaneisk kvinnas tro / 2 sönd i fastan

icon of the Holy Trinity | Home ICONS ICONS OF SAINTS (MALE) Hospitality of Abraham (Holy Trinity ...

Holy Trinity icon (1)

Orthodox Icon of the Holy Trinity, also know as the Icon of the Hospitality of Abraham (Philoxenia of Abraham) Commemorated on Pentecost Day, 50 days after

Resurrection/Harrowing of Hell icon

The original large-format icon reproduction source. Custom sizes & shapes · Fine art canvas · Icons with Gold leaf


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Samaritaine, Orthodox Icons, Cristo, Woman

The Samaritan woman- Господь беседует с женою самарянкой, русская икона, взята с сайта

Jonathan Pageau explores the symbolism of the Samaritan woman connected to baptism and its surprising relation to the Hexagon.