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Vinca. http://www.elhogarnatural.com/Tapizantes.htm

Vinca. http://www.elhogarnatural.com/Tapizantes.htm

White Vinca. Easy to grow and loves the heat and sun. "Vincas are the indestructible beauties of the garden. While resembling impatiens, they thrive in full sun and intense heat. Hardy, large, bushy plants provide a dense layer of sparkling color and evergreen foliage to beds, borders and containers. Plants require almost zero care."  Annual, Full Sun.  Plant Mar - Sep in zone 8b.

Vinca easy to grow and loves the heat and sun, requires almost zero care. Plant Mar - Sep in zone

Vinca! The easiest flower to grow in full sun and doesn't need much care. Annual and drought resistant.

Put them in my garden every year - AMES Vinca! The easiest flower to grow in full sun.Annual and drought resistant.

Vinca periwinkle was the only deer resistant, drought tolerant ground cover for our lake house planting plan... nice purple carpet.

10 Creeping Myrtle Vinca Vines Blue Purple Flowering Ground Cover SHADE & SUN

Vinca Minor or Periwinkle. I love this groundcover. It spreads rapidly but is in no way invasive. Love the periwinkle blue flowers in spring and the evergreen leaves all year! Looks beautiful cascading down rock walls and over steps. Loves shady areas, but does equally well in the sun if given enough water and shade during the hot afternoon. Hardy in zone 5.

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