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☽ l̤̈ö̤ö̤k̤̈ ṳ̈p̤̈ ä̤ẗ̤ ẗ̤ḧ̤ë̤ s̤̈ẗ̤ä̤r̤̈s̤̈ n̤̈ö̤ẗ̤ d̤̈ö̤ẅ̤n̤̈ ä̤ẗ̤ ÿ̤ö̤ṳ̈r̤̈ f̤̈ë̤ë̤ẗ̤ ☾ Plus

lookbookdotnu:  Don’t Flag. (by Lua P)

The tartan plaid skirt. Risky, but she pulls it all together. The tights, crop top & jacket make it look more grown up. I love her hair color & messy braid too!

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Clothing for Emo females can be really varied depending on your chosen Emo style. If you want to be quite gothic with your style- You can wear- Gothic style Tutu skirts, tartan pattern short skirts,.

Band tshirt with a tulle skirt that adds a very different texture. With the classic hat and the round glasses she tops the look off perfectly.

The punk style tribe is still around but from it has stemmed a different category, grunge. This was really popular in the and even today and uses elements of punk style like leather, chains, and band tees.

So grungy but i love it.

This will be the ideal image of the character. Dark clothing, pale, tiny, and dark hair.

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Must have this shirt because everyone (jokingly) makes fun of me for being so white and because I wear SPF 85 and still get burnt. (Fun fact about me! :D ) <<<< same but I wear 110 spf prescribed by my doctor and still get burnt lmao