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Enterprise-D texture test by *davemetlesits on deviantART

Haven& seen the movie yet, but CGTalk had & Trek& as a DSG topic so I had a go. The trailers were inspiring enough anywa hehe. checked photos on the Enterprise of cou.

I had hoped they would include the NEW ORLEANS-class with this.

United Federation of Planets ship classes, Star Trek

Star Trek Main Fleet Chart

Star Trek Main Fleet Chart - more than I ever knew existed

Enterprise-E-star-trek-the-next-generation-3983726-1024-768.jpg (1024×768)

The Sovereign Class USS Enterprise NCC 1701 E which appeared in Star Trek The Next Generation Movies commander by Capt J Picard

Star Trek poster by Patrick Connan

Star Trek Poster Series by Patrick Connan Part of the Star Trek tribute art show, " Final Frontier ," presented by Geek Art .

Starship schematic, Excelsior Class [variant] USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-B)  Top View. Keep clicking on the photo. It'll enlarge to show one of the most amazing blueprints you've ever seen!

Dorsal schematic of the Excelsior-class Enterprise B. USS Enterprise was a century Federation Excelsior-class starship operated by Starfleet. This was the third Federation ship to bear the name Enterprise.

Enterprise-Schematic I want this in a poster

Star Trek Next Gen Enterprise 1701 Ship Color Schematics Mouse pad Picard, Riker

Star Trek USS Enterprise Morphed [video] #infographic #StarTrek

Star Trek USS Enterprise Morphed [video]

A star trek chat of all known ships called Enterprise. Does not include the latest movies though. I love the changes in size in the ships.