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Have you ever wondered why Jesus was baptized? John the Baptist had been called people to repent. But Jesus was sinless, right? Why did he get baptized? Why did John the Baptist baptize Jesus? http://www.flowingfaith.com/2013/01/why-was-jesus-baptized.html

Jesus was baptized by John in the Jordan River. Jews were required to be baptised.


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Santa Teresinha do Menino Jesus e Nossa Senhora do Carmo :: A Spanish holy card of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St Therese of Lisieux.

Resultado de imagen para jesus y los niños imagenes

Resultado de imagen para jesus y los niños imagenes

Resultado de imagen para jesus y los niños imagenes

Resultado de imagen para jesus y los niños imagenes

Exodus 17:11 As long as Moses kept his hands lifted up, the Israelites prevailed, but as soon as he would let down his hands, the A·malʹek·ites prevailed. 12 When the hands of Moses were heavy, they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat on it. Then Aaron and Hur, one on each side, supported his hands, so that his hands remained steady until the sun set.

Exodus 17 in the Picture Study Bible, with Maps and Background Information on Exodus 17 (Bible History Online)

LAS DIFERENTES FACETAS DE LA VIDA DE JESUS.  (Proverbios 8:22 )  ( Colosenses  1:16 ).   (Filipenses 2:7 ). ( 1;Corintios 15:28 )

Jesus helps with creation, is born as a human, teaches his disciples, dies sacrificially, and reigns as King of the Kingdom

You Don't See That Every Day by PrisonerOnEarth on DeviantArt

This is picture 7 of the twenty illustrations I've done for the Scripture Union "Big Bible Challenge". Bottom left is young Samuel hearing God's voice in the middle of the night. Top left is Samuel.

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And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: And behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it.

Jesus & the Paralytic on Behance

Jesus and the Paralytic let down through the roof. When Jesus saw their faith he said, "Son, your sins are forgiven you.

Delilah, 1927 - Harold Copping (Dalila entrega Sansão)

Phillip Medhurst’s Bible in pictures 045 Delilah. Illustration from “Women of the Bible” by Harold Copping. Published by the Religious Tract Society Location of original painting unknown.

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Free Bible illustrations at Free Bible images of Jesus walking on water and Peter's attempt to do the same.