Zayn Malik / Louis Tomlinson / Niall Horan / Liam Payne / Harry Styles / One Direction / Four / Fireproof niall looks perfect on theae photos per-fect

“ “Get low, get low Hands on your waist let’s go Get low, get low Girl you got the vibe, I’m up for the climb Get low, get low” ”

Even though most of the One Direction fan girls aren't happy with Liam but no matter what he does we will always love him

'There's a lot of daytime TV now': Liam Payne revealed that a lot has changed at home sinc.

A book full of fluff filled to the brim with a look into the life of … Fanfiction

Ok so can we just talk about the fact that zayn looks like a fricking sexy bad boy that would sneak in through your window at night and I just. But all the boys look on point I just had to point that out. haha miss ya zayn