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Agitated owl peek-a-boo stamp Non-mounted hand by WoodlandTale

einfache Tiere / Curious peek-a-boo snail stamp kids gift stocking by WoodlandTale

Wearable Art Dress made from old envelopes

This is one of those DIY things, but the idea is interesting. The dress is ugly, in my opinion, but the fact that she recognized that envelopes could be turned into a dress is curious. Maybe they are all her unpaid bills?

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How to make your own green terrarium to keep or give away for the holidays

What a beautiful use of bell jars, terrariums and an old mail sorting shelf! This is using vintage antiques in a modern way at its best! Via The Slug and The Squirrel

Postmarked 1941. This reminds me of art my grandmother used to do. I miss her homemade cards.

✉ Untitled fantastic art reusing snail mail and stamps. ✉ Snail mail art at its best.

Build Yourself an In-house Outhouse - it's a plan for a composting toilet that eliminates the need to go outside for bathroom business. Curious.

Build Yourself an Indoor Outhouse - DIY

Build Yourself an In-house Outhouse Constructing an outdoor toilet, including diagrams, instructions.

Tasha Tudor Sparrow Post Tiny Letters. The doll's post office was run by Augustus Sparrow--Postmaster General. Each of the children had a carboard mailbox on their dollhouse, and for many years kept up a correspondece between their dolls and the doll's of their friends. Tiny letters were written, then delivered by Sparrow Post.

Tasha Tudor Sparrow Post Tiny Letters Run by Augustus Sparrow, Postmaster General


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Beach cover or make a jacket by adding asleeve and curious if I could make a knit pattern of this!