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Los 3 rasgos de las personas resistentes #resilencia #psicología

This is a photo series featuring ants as the models. Photographer Andrey Pavlov uses a macro lens to capture the up close and personal lives of ants. Yes, the shots are staged by Andrey, but those are real ants doin’ their thang.

25 Fresh Pieces Of Macro Photography Art

Compound Eyes of a Holocephala fusca Robber Fly photo by Thomas Shahan via Lost At E Minor.let those with eyes open see all.

The 7mm-wide insect, pictured, was discovered after researchers from the University of Harvard trekked for three weeks to explore the untouc...

Insect with iridescent tuft of 'hair' discovered in South America

This troll-haired insect was found in the Suriname rainforest and is only 5 millimeters long. Its 'hair' are actually waxy secretions that could be a defense mechanism to distract predators.


he says fuck all yall! Not only can this frog stand on two legs, but it seems it can do so, while flipping the proverbial double bird (the flipper fucker finger! coolest frog EVER!

Incredible photography by JennyDean.  Love these colors for enameling, colored pencil, etc.  Yum!

Cairns birdwing caterpillar - Incredible photography by JennyDean. Love these colors for enameling, colored pencil, etc.

Damselfly by Murray Clarke:  Damselflies are similar to dragonflies, but...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damselfly #Insects #Damselfly

Damselfly by Murray Clarke. A face only a mother could love.


A large soldier ant with a much smaller species between the mandibles. The smaller didn't stand a chance. Both are from the Congo region and preserved in ethanol.

Incredible ANT-ics: Close-up photography shows our common, humble insect in a new light | Daily Mail Online

Incredible ANT-ics! Close-up photography shows the amazing strength of these tiny insects

Rarely have ants been captured on film in such a way that demonstrates their incredible relative strength and balance. These fascinating close-up shots even appear to capture the character of each ant.