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Yes I would.

Truth- Charlie bought me the movie a while ago it came with a blow up minion. Lol Nellie saw the minion and shredded the thing in a minute

Dispicable Me 2

A little minion humor,haha I don't have a sister but this would funny- more like my best friend but still

Lol its so true

students after hearing about project, classroom humor <<< Nursing school. The thing you have described is nursing school.


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i choose minions because they are really funny and they make me laugh. despicable me minion

Me every time

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Minions, I'm bored let's go to walmart and superglue coins or paper money to the floor and count how many people try to pick them up, April Fools prank joke to pull at home children parents brother's sisters.

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{Quote} "Don't judge me. I was born to be awesome not perfect." I love it! Comparison is a thief of joy! No matter how far from perfection you think you're, you are better than you think.

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So I threw a coconut. ...?

These cute little yellow beings are always really fun to watch plus they are adorable too, so we collected some good funny minions quotes collection we are hoping you will enjoy them at your best