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Dexter The Complete Series Box Set on DVD

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Heck yeah....all the sickos out there (like the ones who kidnap women and keep them captive for over a decade) make me wish Dexter was real.

Michael C Hall is Dexter - America's Favorite Serial Killer! A great poster for any fan of the TV show. Check out the rest of our "killer" selection of Dexter

Michael C. Hall

Michael C. Hall

6 Terrible "Dexter" Spin-Off Ideas  They should do this one!! With Dexter with him showing his how to do it!!

6 Terrible "Dexter" Spin-Off Ideas

6 Terrible "Dexter" Spin-Off Ideas They should do this one! With Dexter with him showing his how to do it!

Just sad that the teen dexter is taller than adult dexter. I never noticed.

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and i thought i was the biggest dexter fan. this person has me beat. i'm still getting my quote from the show tattooed on me though.

Dexter Portrait You do not want to mess with a guy who has a Dexter tattoo!

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I love this cast pic because it includes Mickey, not many do, although I don't know why.

TOUCH this image: We’re celebrating the ten year anniversary of Dexter! by Christina Nixon

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