Amo el arte!

Railroad Tracks, An Urban Sketch -fine art print in ochre, teal blue, brown mustard and gold

Urban sketch

Conceptual pen sketch enhanced with watercolour. One or two colours chosen to help define some elements as well as colouring abstract areas.

Original watercolour of St Paul's London

I think that to create an illustration of Belfast City Hall I will use inks or watercolours or I will combine them together.

Drawing + Collage = goodness

Drawing + Collage = goodness An interesting way to put together many drawings from same city.integrated rather than separated.

2016-7-7 「 東華菜館が見える通」166x242mm (16-084)東華菜館が見える西石垣通四条下付近。。ブログ京都情報ランキング

2016-7-7 「 東華菜館が見える通」166x242mm (16-084)東華菜館が見える西石垣通四条下付近。。ブログ京都情報ランキング