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Town Meeting [WTNV] by Musapan.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Cecil on meeting Carlos for the first time and instantly falling in love. 1 Through the entire podcast I was thinking what if Carlos listens to the radio?

ohmygosh this is exactly how I pictured this scene. I'm not crying. I swear I'm not crying...I.....no. ~:~

i am not from night vale<<but it's where you belong. In night vale, with me

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Cecil Gershwin Palmer from Welcome to Night Vale. He is so perfect. Someone please punch me in the face because these feels, man. This is probably my favorite rendition of him.< punches you, then myseld

Night vale young Cecil

Cassette by acbardwil // Still my favorite episode. Alternately amazingly adorable and horrifyingly creepy. I really want this puzzle continued.

Carlos is just so confused. And, then there's Cecil, who knows to just except everything ever.

I love this with every fiber of my being

Carlos and Cecil headcanon<<<<I think he was always aware of that but went along with it anyway because this is the cutest ship epurr

Carlos and Cecil ||| Welcome to Night Vale Fan Art

scholla: “ Late evening date As I promised few days ago, a little comic with these two dorks. I like the idea that maybe one day Carlos will change his lab coat for a casual jumper which would be a.