imthenic Nazgul by JamesBousema

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The Lord of the Rings - John Howe Art - Minas Tirith

Watchful Peace (via John Howe :: Illustrator John Howe :: Illustrator [ Portfolio ] :: Home / From Hobbiton to Mordor / Watchful Peace)

Sauron y el Rey brujo where are u presious u can got to the deep of the earth bu i wiill still purge u

Lord of the Rings - Chris Skinner - ''Lord of the Nazgul'' ---- Art featured in Hero Complex Gallery's "Imagined Worlds -- tribute to Spielberg, Jackson, Nolan, Carpenter, and Cameron


Amazing LORD OF THE RINGS Poster Art!

The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring by Marko Manev (Glow in the Dark Layer)

The peaks of the Crissaegrim, wherein the eyries of Thorondor and the great Eagles of the North lay. Mountain Cliff, by Creative Uncut

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Fred Fields | Nazgul Twilight, Lord of the Rings Online by Fred Fields Digital ~ x

Nazgul Twilight, Lord of the Rings Online, Fred Fields

Witch-King of Angmar - The Lord of the Rings - Mikee Flores

Another depiction of the Witch King. Note the general look of the helm, which is a bit spikey and crownlike.

Watching - by Unita Nightround  Is that freaking WATERCOLOUR?!  This is AMAZING

Lord of the Rings illustration [Watercolour, soft pastels, guash, brown pen.] love the dark tones in this illustration