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Como Ver Fotos Privadas de Facebook 2016 - Ciencia y Educación


Video of Klee Benally confronting a Parisian collector about the sale of sacred Navajo artifacts.

VIDEO Klee Benally challenges genocide denier in Paris auctioning Dine' and Hopi sacred items


The Syrian refugee crisis has been wreaking havoc all over the world, so when the opportunity arose to take in more “refugees”, Obama just couldn’t pass

Hong Kong 'Umbrella Revolution' Protest Pictures Show The Aftermath Of Night's Clashes

22 Incredible Pictures Of The Morning After Hong Kong's Umbrella Revolution

Mesh Networks- self-healing, independant internet type systems that don't require a central hub and are therefor very difficult to shut down from outside. This one is being used in the Hong Kong protests with an app.

National nightmare. Why Obamacare  needs to be repealed....

Why Obamacare Needs to Be Repealed in 4 Brutal Images

Liberals obviously don't know KKK members were typically democrat while Lincoln and MLK were Republican? It was the Republican party that wanted to abolish slavery. It is the Republican party that wants to implement policies to improve the lives of minorities and the poor and get them off welfare so they can live the American dream, whereas Democrat policies continue to enslave them and keep them poor. Do your homework and wake up, people.

Juan Cole: U. Press Once Again Declines to Call White Terrorism in Kansas, Nevada, White Terrorism - Juan Cole - Truthdig

Rehtaeh Parsons's father credits Anonymous for reopening investigation Father of cyber bullied girl credits vigilante hacktivist group for serving justice.

Obama Trying to Limit Military Voting Parameters

Obama Trying to Limit Military Voting Rights

Obama Trying to Limit Military Voting Parameters

Duggars-post-photo.png (835×413)

Renewed national attention on the Duggar family's homophobia is providing an unexpected boon for an Arkansas organization that helps homeless LGBT youth.

Tar sands protesters on the front lines of the resistance movement are having an impact on the industry's bottom line, finds new report. (Photo: TarSandsBlockade.org)  "It just so happens that if your business model is predicated on rapid expansion of some of the world’s highest carbon oil, then having an impact on your bottom line is one way to keep carbon in the ground."  —Hannah McKinnon, Oil Change International

Tar Sands Resistance Blowing Huge Hole in Oil Industry's Bottom Line: Report

I voted for two of these men, yes, Newt was my choice in GOP primaries for 2012. They both took over a party and made huge changes. Can you imagine if we had all three at the same time, Reagan, Gingrich in the House, and Cruz in the Senate? We cannot have that, but we can have Cruz as our president and he can take over the party, but not if you and our fellow citizens choose to be losers.

It’s racism, not “principled conservatism”: The South, civil rights, GOP myths — and the roots of Ferguson

While the fallout of Mike Brown's death focused heavily on young black men, it’s the women who helped turn a string of protests into a movement.

This summer, five Black women have died in jail. And 9 Black parishioners were murdered while praying. Rage is not just righteous; it's the only rational response to White supremacy.

Live From Rikers: Cecily McMillan on the Horrific Conditions Inside

Live From Rikers: Cecily McMillan on the Horrific Conditions Inside

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"...after 9/11, Britain’s timid political masters and pro-war liberals were panicked into supporting America’s retaliatory war against Iraq, and brazened it out by helping to create the “weapons of mass destruction” untruth. It is such a gigantic scandal that we have, paradoxically, almost forgotten about it."

New Documentary: Necessary Reminder Of Gigantic Scandal

Mexico’s murderous alliance of state, the army and the drug cartels The crushing of protests by ordinary citizens follows a pattern of violence stretching back to 1968 Mexican soldiers cut student's hair. Estudiantes Ayotzinapa

Mexico’s murderous alliance of state, the army and the drug cartels

Mexico’s leading writers, Lydia Cacho and Anabel Hernández, received serial death threats for proving that the authorities – politicians, police, army – are synonymous with the cartels or in league with them.

Josh Earnest Phony

So I guess Trump called Russia to hack Hillary.