Chanel-Patent-Flats Timeless CC

Chanel Timeless Patent Flats

It’s not a big surprise to let you know that Chanel sells ballerinas;

Chanel Gold Leather Ballet Flat

Chanel Gold Leather Ballet Flat

View this item and discover similar shoes for sale at - Chanel's classic flat in a shimmering gold leather with a crackled gold leather cap toe.


Chanel classic ballet flats never worn Chanel classic ballet flats in black leather/patent toe. Brand new and never left my shoe closet.

Chanel - shoes - inspiration - black and white - outfit - beige - 2017 - l'Etoile Luxury VIntage

Chanel flat shoes. Beaded. Silver.

Wedding flats are life savers for every bride. There are so many things to do on your wedding day that your feet won’t be able to survive until the evening in high heels. With flats you will easily live through the ceremony, photo shoot, and reception

Chanel Classic flats

Chanel flats, a must have for shopping and for your casual sportswear.

I believe Chanel’s jacket is the most beautiful jacket any woman could wear. It is a must in every closet (there are similar ones in Mango,H&M,and Zara,Tory Burch,Antonelle). It could go …

Chanel jackets

A little History The Chanel jacket, deigned by Coco Chanel in is an icon. With this jacket, Chanel revolutionized women’s dress by popularizing androgyny and comfort. Chanel famously said, &