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En definitiva el que quiero!!!

connect-the-dot / dot-to-dot tattoo, love the idea but just not the giraffe

I Love Him ~ I Love Her ~

SO much better than getting each others' names! sooo adorable I love this!

Converse All Star Tattoos

55 of the craziest and most amazing tattoo designs for men and women. pinned for the link not for the converse tattoo

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I would get "Made of Starstuff" and instead of the laundry symbols, a sun, a moon, a planet and a star. -previous pinner Pinned for the before mentioned idea!

Awesome tattoo

How To Cover-Up a Horrible Mistake // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - don't do the last one, dude--you might scare her into thinking you're in a gang.

DIY tutorial: make your own temp tattoo to decide if you like design and placement

DIY tutorial: make your own temp tattoo. mom I found a temp tattoo that won't give me cancer!

peter aurisch - great tattoo artist!

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Oh my lordy.  Love it.  What else are you gonna do besides have a sense of humor about these things...

Word Tattoos - I love this and hats off to this person who lost her toe and still has a sense of humour about it. My first thought: I feel sorry for this person because flip flops would be really be hard to wear without a big toe 😳