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True af coz 13 reasons y is the mossttt heart touching novel i can ever read

My best friend and I are the Harry Potter series. We wish we're the Maze Runner series tho. We love the maze runner so yeah.

Hate all of them I mostly hate it when some one goes in eve hind ur back and does something terrible also one upers DIE!!

These are all (surprisingly) very accurate I know a Taurus a Scorpio a Leo and (i think) an Aquarius and I'm a Cancer

harry potter symbol Horoscope Calendar | Harry Potter ACCURATE CHARACTER SUN SIGNSBecause I’m sick and tired ...

Harry Potter ACCURATE CHARACTER SUN SIGNS Because I’m sick and tired of seeing Scorpios being made out to be the asshole, inspired by the post above. Aries: Fred and George Weasley (April Taurus:.