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Love retrò.  I used to stack mine with my favorite 45's before I hoped in bed at night.  Those were the good old days!

The first 45 record I had was Michael Jackson's song " ABC ". The second 45 I got was Donny Osmonds " One Bad Apple ". and I had a record player similar to this one but it was red and white hard plastic-Good times :)

An old fashioned washing machine. Remember those?  #washing machines

My grandma used this type of washer when I was a kid. I remember wringing out clothes through that wringer on top! I remember when Mom got her first automatic washing machine!

Vintage 50s television

Portable Television My father in law was a TV repairman, so this brings back many, many fond memories from the golden age of television!

I had such a crush on Davy & Mickey & Mike & Peter... but mostly Davy. So sad when he recently passed away. A little bit of my childhood died, too.

RIP Davy Jones- Hey, hey we're the monkees! And we love to monkey around.

From the Sears 1973 catalog Yes, we really wore this stuff.  And we thought we were cool.

clothes - bell bottom pants and vests. I remember this I had the plaid pants and the yellow sweater vest.

Barbie's in pink.

Pink Retro Barbies: too bad I cut their hair and pierced their ears with stick pins :( I used to have all the original Barbie clothing with zippers, tags etc.

I definitely had one of these phones.

wanted a clear phone SO bad! but my mom wouldn't let me have a phone line in my room :(

Juke Box

Jukebox If i remember right, it was 5 cents to play a song!

pink vintage phone

Childhood and sentimentality - myLusciousLife

I had this phone in the kitchen of our old house. I'm thinking it needs to live in Betsey's room so she can play with it (although it's a real working phone)