How to make ribbon flower leaves (scroll down page)

Tuesday Tutorial: Let Me Count The Ways

Folha de Fita // DIY Ribbon Leaf

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I ❤ ribbon embroidery . . . Silk Ribbon Leaves Tutorial-  As I was planning to do the other seam with them today, I thought I would show you how they are done. I don't know why I thought to do the standard Japanese Ribbon Stitch upside down, but I did. Also, instead of piercing the ribbon in the middle, I pierced it on the edge of the ribbon. Check out the photos to see the whole seam in progress . . . ~By Allie's In Stitches

Well thank you all for your lovely response to my ribbon leaves yesterday! As I was planning to do the other seam with them today, I though.

DIY Tutorial: DIY Ribbon Crafts / DIY Narrow Satin Ribbon Flower - Bead&Cord

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That's a very interesting ribbon flower, a different DIY version than the others I've see.


this "star flower" is so gosh darn adorable! old technique but using different ribbons do make them new all over again!gonna try it out!

Делаем красивый пион из атласных лент / Satin ribbon flower tutorial

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